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Our factory has been developing this type of products over the last 2 years to reach the maximum depth & quality & high accurate result in one simple device.
“Next labs” products is set to handle all type of weathers and to penetrate all type of Terrain. The new generation of metal and water detectors is available now at your service.
“Next labs” products comes to you with 3 years guarantee and delivery worldwide free of charges 

Our Products

Aurelian best gold metal detector


Is a long range searching device contains both auto and manual search system.
Allowed you  to search for ( Gold – Natural gold – Silver – Bronze – Cavity )

diamond detector device

Blue diamond

The BLU DIAMOND device is set to detect all type of diamond such as normal diamond and blue diamond and pink diamond. Also, it searches for 12 types of gemstones 

water metal detector

Water fall

The water fall device is the best choice to discover underground water without losing time and afford. ( Natural water – Salty water  – Sulfur water)